Widows Sons Massachusetts Branded MRA, Inc.
Widows Sons Massachusetts Branded MRA, Inc.

Widows Sons Branded MRA

About Us


The Widows Sons Massachusetts Branded MRA is recognized by the International Alliance of Widows Sons.   Our membership consists of individuals who enjoy the sport of motorcycling and have a desire to ride with and associate with their fraternal brothers.

Our goal:

  • Introduce the sport of motorcycling to our Brothers
  • Raise Masonic awareness in the world of sport motorcycling
  • Organize and participate in events to raise funds for various charities.
  • Contribute to the relief of our Widows & Orphans
  • Enjoy fellowship with likeminded Brothers in our Fraternity

We represent the fraternity in a positive light at all times. The Widows Sons serve to help raise awareness while we attend public motorcycling events, and by supporting our fraternity in whatever capacity we are able. Widows Sons chapters have helped to increase fraternal membership through our presence and visibility during public motorcycle events and rallies.

In every location where we have a chapter, the Widows Sons have proven themselves to be a positive influence.   


Although we regularly attract new members to our fraternity, we strive to ensure that the men we introduce are of good character and interested in the same tenants as Masonry, above that of belonging to a Motorcycle Organization.  Each Widows Sons Chapter sponsors or participates in local charity runs or events. In all cases, we strive to present a positive image of our Association to the public.

An article about the Widows Sons written by Dr. David Harrison.

The Widow’s Sons – A Masonic Success Story

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